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List of Top Ten Lists of 2010

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Our tradition is posting our “top comics” list of the past year on January 1 of  the next year.  We feel it’s hard to look back and rate the best until all the days are over.  So, in the mean time, we’re compiling everyone else’s “Best of” lists.

Come back often as we’ll update this frequently.

2010 Lists

ABCFavorite Comic Book Artists of 2010

ABCFavorite Comic Book Writers of 2010

ABCFavorite DC Comic Books of 2010

Blogomatic3000Top 10 New Comic Book Series of 2010

Candy or MedicineTop Ten Mini Comics of 2010

Comic AttackInfinite Speech’s Top 10 of 2010!

Comic Books for Colored FolksSome of the Best of 2010

Comic RelatedWhy I Love Awards!

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Comic Book BinBinnies 2010: Best Original Graphic Novel or Anthology

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Comic Book ResourcesMy Top Ten Comics of 2010

Comic Book Resources – 20 Favorite Female Creators of 2010 Part 1 Part 2

Comic Book Resources: Committed33 Comic Books I Read in 2010

Comic Book Resources: CSBG ArchiveMy Best Ten Of ‘Ten!

Comic Book Resources: Robot 6Our favorite comics of 2010

Comic Book Resources: She Has No Head!Best (And A Few Worsts) Of 2010

Comic Book Resources: X-PositionTop X-Moments of 2010

Comics AllianceThe 5 Worst Comics of 2010

The Comics JournalThe best norwegian comics of 2010!

The Economist: More Intelligent LifeThe Year in Pictures

Entertainment WeeklyThe 10 Best Graphic Novels and Comics of 2010

Fearing AmericansThe Best Comic Books of 2010

Fiction State of MindMy Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2010/2011 Graphic Novel Challenge

Flavorwire10 of the years most buzzed about comics.

Girls Read Comics TooBest of 2010

Guys Lit WireGraphic Novels — notes from a Top 10 List

iFanboy2010 Book of the Year

iFanboyTop 10 Best Things About Comics in 2010

iFanboyThe Top 10 Best New Books of 2010

IGNBest of 2010

MTV GeekMTV Geek’s Top 10 Comic Books for 2010

MTV Splashpage2010 Best Comic Books, Webcomics and Graphic Novels

NerdageBest comic-book series of 2010

NerdageBest graphic novels of 2010

News OKWord Balloons: 10 Best Periodical Comic Books of 2010 Comic Book Challenge

NewsaramaBest of Best Shots 2010 (And What to Watch in 2011)

NfamousgamersMarronmarvel’s Top Comic Picks of 2010

Puss Reboots10 Best Graphic Novels

Read RantTop Ten Best Comics of 2010

The Sala-BlogListing the Year Away: 5 Worst Comic Books of 2010

The Sala-BlogListing the Year Away: 10 Best Comic Books of 2010

Think HeroTop 5 Comic Books of 2010

Suicide GirlsBest of the Best Comics Books of 2010

TechlandBest Graphic Novels of 2010

TechlandThe Ten Best Comic Books of 2010

Topless RobotThe 5 Best and 5 Worst Comics of 2010


Comic Attack – Touring the Cosmos: 2010 Cosmic Review Part 1

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Icv2’75 Years of DC Comics’ #3 Book of the Year

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Riffs ReviewsThe Top Comic Book Quotes of 2010

ScotsmanBest of 2010

TechlandWhat We’re Looking Forward To in 2011: Comics


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