Pick of the Week – Invincible Iron Man #33

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Some of these we’ve read but generally this is a guess as to what we expect to be the best comics of the week.  The pick of the week is Invincible Iron Man #33.  Matt Fraction has shown that it’s not always big colorful villains that make a book.  Instead Tony Stark’s tale has been stripped down to focus on a former corporate titan making his way back on top.

  1. Invincible Iron Man #33 – A tale of corporate competition as Tony Stark must rebuild his empire.
  2. Chew #16 – The series is one of the best out there with an amazing humorous tone and offbeat plot.
  3. Kill Shakespeare #8 – Who knew the Bard’s characters could be so entertaining?
  4. Punisher: In the Blood #2 – The Punisher is back and the first issue blew us away.
  5. American Vampire #10 – We weren’t too keen about the first story arc but Scott Snyder bounced back with an amazing second arc.  We want to see if he can keep it up in this third arc.
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