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Marvel Fear Itself Live Blog

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We’ll be live blogging the big announcement by Marvel at noon today.

Noon: The video just went live with about 1200 viewers.  Looks like their at Midtown Comics.

12:02 – Joe Quesada has stepped to the mic.  He’s rocking a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.  Very nice nod to the new boss.

12:03 – Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso are also there.  There will be a trailer and a secret message… (could it be Dick Cheney?  A bunker was mentioned.)

12:04 – Taking questions on Twitter (it’s brave thing to do).  This has to do with the Summer 2011 event.

12:06 – He’s going on about fear and how much the world sucks right now.

12:07 – Just showed the teaser video, I got chills for some reason.  Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen are involved.  The Marvel universe takes a lot on from the real world.  April 2011 is when this kicks off.

12:08 – Matt Fraction is up.  The story is reflection of  where we are today.  There’s an aura over us.  This is the Marvel heroes versus the God of Fear.  There’s a mention of some that are “worthy.”  This will be relatable to the real world.

12:10 – Tom Brevoort is up.  This has been a build up.  They took this last year off for events.  It will be similar to Secret Invasion in it’s size and impact and as ambitious as Civil War.  Main series is seven issues.  March there is a prologue by Brubaker.  That has to do with Cap and the Invaders and a mission in WWII.  There’s been a secret pact that was made years ago… that in essence is what this is about.

12:13 – Axel Alonso is up.  Brevoort – it will function like most events.  You can stick with the main series and get the story.  There will be some other series launching from this.  This is an “extinction level event.”  The X-Men and Dracula have been mentioned numerous times now.  The “dominoes” have been set up for a while now according to Brevoort.

12:15 – Question time.

What made Civil War successful is how it was modern society.  What’s going into this story that’s similar?

– The real world will inject itself.  There’s something in the air.  Marvel taps into the real world and Marvel is at it’s best when it does this.  But this is from the eyes of the heroes.  There’s issues they want to deal with but from a super hero context.

What comics should fans check out?

– It’s a little premature.  Some characters don’t have titles right now.  It’s a little early to point where.  March solicits are about to be announced which will give hints.

Where does this fit in the map of time?

– There’s a few references in the map.  Once you get into the story a few more will make sense.  It won’t be easy, but might be rewarding.

Less than a year ago it seemed the Marvel Universe was coming out of a dark period?  How do you respond to those that say it’s going back in that direction?

– Our characters have always fought the darkness and threats around them.  Over the past year there’s been a renewed vigor and new heroism.  But a situation where it’s easy to triumph isn’t interesting.  This pounds them down to their very essence.  The same adversity that people around the world deal with every day.

A lot of people connected with Civil War because characters represented real world politics.  How much of that will be here?

– It’s a different story but there’ll be a sense of that.  The heroes are relatable.  Civil War was about how much freedom would we give up for security?  Fear Itself is a world where we point fingers and are told what to worry about now… duck and cover.  It’s the zeitgeist of the day.

Will Deadpool and the Fantastic Four be involved?

– Deadpool will be involved and whatever’s left of the Fantastic Four.

How long have this been hinted at?

– 15 months to 2 years.  Hate to point to it too concretely.

Will it affects Matt and Stuart’s other projects?

– Matt will scale back his work on X-Men.  Stuart is coming off New Avengers to do this.

Price for Fear Itself?

– I believe $3.99 but the first issue is huge.

A question about Steve Rogers in the Cap outfit.

– It could mean anything.  You might be counting chickens early if you think Steve is back.


– March – Brubaker and Eaton one shot.  Starts in April with seven issues over seven months.  Will have tie-ins like Secret Invasion and offshoots like in Civil War.

Question about the after effect of the event.

– After each event there’s been ramifications after.  In shape and size like the past events.  They won’t fight, win then go get a pizza.

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