Web Series Takes On Comic Book Store Life

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Anti-Matter is a very funny web series that takes on life working at a comic book store.  Having worked in one for six years of my life, that setting is ripe (as in the smell of the customers) with opportunity and material.

In the tradition of “Cheers”, “The Office” and “Friends”, comes Anti-Matter, a workplace and family of friends comedy which takes a playful life in the comic shop!

Set in a comic book store, Anti-Matter features the zany often hilarious hijinks that happen with the staff and the idiosyncratic regulars of a NY comic book shop who treat the store more like a clubhouse than a place of business.

Through the exploits of the staff and regulars Anti-Matter serves as a hilarious gateway for audiences to laugh as a surprising number of life’s events occur in the shop.

Check out the fifth episode:

(h/t Elana Levin)

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