Pick of the Week – DMZ #60

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It’s a new week and here’s the top five picks of comics we’re expecting to be the best of the bunch.  This week the top pick goes to DMZ #60.  This series by Brian Woods is easily some of the best political commentary out there in any media.  We expect great things from each issue and we’re rarely let down by this brilliant series.

  1. DMZ #60 – For 59 issues the series has constantly involved and made relevant statements about modern politics.  There’s no reason for me to think the sixtieth issue will be any different
  2. Green Hornet #11 – Kevin Smith’s ten issue run has been a blast.  I’m expecting Phil Hester’s run to be just as fun based off his past works, but I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous too.
  3. Velocity #3 – The story’s fun and art is just amazing.  The Top Cow crew has promised a jaw dropping moment, and they rarely oversell.
  4. Mouse Guard: Black Axe #1 – Everything we’ve read in Mouse Guard has been entertaining for adults and kids alike.  It’s hard to not get behind that.
  5. Uncanny X-Force #3 – The banter is great, action top notch, art fantastic and story is what we’d expect and want.  The best “X” book on the market.
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