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Pick of the Week – 27 #1

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Yeah I know I picked 27 #1 last week, but it didn’t get released and was delayed again.  It shows how much I’m looking forward to it by the fact I’ve now named it three times for you to pick up.  Here’s the full picks.

  1. 27 #1I picked it last week too.  That says something…
  2. Widowmaker #1 – I liked Black Widow and I liked Hawkeye & Mockingbird.  Add the two together = yes please!
  3. Lady Mechanika #1 – I caught issue #0 last week and really dug this new series.
  4. Transformers Ongoing TP Vol 2 – I really liked the first volume, so here’s a chance to catch up.
  5. New Avengers #7 – I enjoy the banter, we’ll see where this series goes now.
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