Up Next For Comics, ePaper

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The idea of digital paper (ePaper) is new technology we’ve been following.  It’s been a piece of technology that’s always seemed to be on the brink of a break through.  E Ink Inc is the leader in the market powering devices like the Kindle.

Up until now, those devices could only display black and white.  Well, times these are a changing.  E Ink recently introduced their Triton color ePaper, which has all of the advantages of the black and white variant, plus the ability to display colored images and text (4096 colors to be exact).

TechCrunch’s Crunchgear has a good breakdown of where we’re likely to see this technology any time soon.  Their argument is this puts readers like the Kindle closer to the iPad which will run laps in clarity and color.  The technology still has a ways to go in their assessment.

But, this is one step closer to seeing you’re favorite comics on the Kindle and other devices.  Check out the video below for more on the technology.

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