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Spider-Man Broadway Musical in Trouble?

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Spider-man Turn Off the DarkIs the opening for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in trouble?  Already the most expensive production in history, the $60 million Broadway show will see it’s opening delayed for two weeks.  Theater executives familiar with the show have said “more work is needed on it.”  If you read the New York Times Artbeat a picture of a chaotic production is painted:

These executives, as well as people working on or plugged into the production, described a tremendous amount of creative commotion behind the scenes in interviews this week. Flying sequences were still being developed and the music, special effects, and scenes of plot and dialogue were still largely in separate pieces even though performances were originally set to begin on Nov. 14.

The Artbeat article says director Julie Taymor “spent chunks of the 11-week rehearsal period experimenting over and over with the flying stunts and other special effects rather than preoccupying herself with deadlines.”

The musical boasts music from U2’s Bono and the Edge and advance ticket sales so far total about $8 million in hard cash with an additional $2 million to $3 million in unpaid group orders.  That’s great for the average $10 million show, but not so good for a musical with a budget of a major motion picture.

On Wednesday the production was unable to present all of the stunts to the safety inspector.  They must be signed off on before production begins.  An investigation has begun over recent accidents that have caused performers to be hurt attempting some of the stunts.

The production was originally to launch in 2009 but was delayed due to funding.  At that time the musical was to cost $40 million.

Bets as to whether this will go down as the biggest disaster in Broadway history?

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