Performer Hurt in Spider-Man Musical

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An actor in the upcoming musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was injured while performing some of the stunts for the show.  During a demonstration to some of the ticketing brokers, actor/stunt man Kevin Aubin suffered some broken bones.  According to the New York Post the actor broke both his wrists.

[Aubin] was crouching at the back of the stage. Suddenly, he shot up into the air and came crashing down at the lip of the stage with such force, some audience members heard his wrists snap.

“It was a thrilling effect, but you knew something was wrong because he hit the stage so hard,” says a source. “He maintained his Spider-Man pose, but you could see he was wincing.”

The Arts Beat for the New York Times spoke to another actor who said a “glitch” caused him to break his feet performing the same stunt.

  1. Maybe it’s time to rethink this stunt?
  2. What the hell are they doing in this musical that’s causing these injuries?
  3. Is it sad I want to see this more now there’s chance of injury to the performers?
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