Letting Go Is Hard to Do

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Letting go is hard to do, especially of your prized comic book collection.  Jose Alaniz is learning that as he packs up his comic books which are being donated to the special collections at the University of Washington libraries.  Alaniz is a professor at the university and is easing his transition by keeping his ten most prized issues.

The issues being kept have sentimental value, being purchased by his mother for example.  And it’s through her purchase that he learned to speak English and read.  Alaniz chronicled his separation on his blog with a post “Confessions of a middle-aged Marvel Zombie.”  He’s also writing a back about his history with those ten precious issues.

In the end he’s comforted know that his gift will be devoured by scholars researching these issues and that each comic in his own words “there’ll be a little piece of me with them.”