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Graphic.ly Heads to Foursquare

Graphic.ly Foursquare

Graphic.ly, the digital comic reader, is bringing famous “comic book” locations to Foursquare.  By friending the company on the site, you can find out where famous fictitious events took place in the real world as well as locations with historical significance in comic book history.  This is an amazing blend of new media and also a fantastic promotional idea.  From their email:

We have partnered with Foursquare to bring the comic world to the real world. If you go to our Foursquare profile you will see (soon – like in the next couple of days) tips about real locations in the world that correspond to the world of comics! We are building the badges as we speak, but you can imagine that we will have some fun stuff in store for New York Comic Con! (Including free stuff! and a scavenger hunt.) If you have suggestions for tips and or venues, let us know.

Also, from their Foursquare profile:

Get connected to the world of comic books with Graphic.ly. By following Graphic.ly, you’ll get tips & unlock exclusive badges that bring the world of comics to the world around you. You’ll also get plugged into exclusive badges and offers at major comic book conventions all throughout the year. Get connected with Graphic.ly!