Baltimore Comic Con 2010: Todd McFarlane

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Todd McFarlaneI got a bit early to the Top Cow panel so caught the end of Todd McFarlane‘s.  I have to say, the man is very entertaining and could go on for hours telling stories.  Here’s some of the news that I picked up:

  • McFarlane is signed off to direct the Spawn movie and the script needs to be finished.
  • Spawn animation rights have reverted back to McFarlane.
  • He’s currently busy working on some video games with former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling including an online game.  He also has The Reckoning coming out soon.
  • McFarlane does care what fans say, and when it comes to toys, he pays attention to what long term collectors say.

But the part we liked the most was McFarlane talking about censorship.  Below is generally what he said:

Art should be like vegetables.  As consumers you can walk down a supermarket isle.  When you get to spinach, you recognize others like it, but it’s not for you.  You instead want to bring carrots home.  You don’t go to the stock boy at the store and demand to get spinach off the shelf.

He then went on to tell a story about his son playing some video games with mature content and the different reactions his parents had.