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Wonder Woman Ditches American Heritage for Globalism, According to Fox

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Wonder WomanFox News is at it again, this time attacking DC for it’s recent redesign of Wonder Woman (we’re still undecided on the change).  In a pretty fascinating article with subtle jabs, they never outright call the redesign anti-American, the global news corporation attempts to make mountains out of mole hills.

The most direct assault is in the headline calls the new costume “globalized” and in the first paragraph says she’s been stripped of her “patriotism.”

The article in a quotation does point out that the character isn’t an “American” at all and is Amazonian.  So does the red, white and blue really fit the character?  Isn’t the lasso, ww, star and eagle iconography more important to carry over?

In the end I’d expect a return to the “traditional” costume closer to a movie release.  No matter what your thought on the new design attacking it as un-patriotic and globalist is beyond silly.

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