See-Ya to DC’s CMX

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Effective July 1st DC will be shutting down it’s manga imprint CMX.  The company will stop publishing all CMX titles other than Megatokyo, its OEL title, which will continue under the DC Comics imprint.  It’s unclear what will happen to publishing rights to these series as DC has stated “no comment” when asked about that.

In a statement on the shutdown, DC Co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee said

Over the course of the last six years, CMX has brought a diverse list of titles to America and we value the books and creators that we helped introduce to a new audience. Given the challenges that manga is facing in the American marketplace, we have decided that CMX will cease publishing new titles as of July 1, 2010.

This is another setback for DC’s imprints.  It’s female focused Minx unit was closed in 2008.

The company provided a list of CMX’s June titles, the final releases from the company:

May 26 ship, 6/23 in store

Musashi #9 Vol 17

Venus Capriccio Vol 4

Two Flowers for the Dragon Vol 6

Polyphonica: Cardinal Crimson Vol 1

June 2 ship, 6/30 in store

Stolen Hearts Vol 2

Teru Teru X Shonen Vol 7

Orfina Vol 8

Viz Media, a company solely focused on manga reduced their workforce by 40% which goes to show the market has been brutal for that sector of the industry.