Sneak Peek – Iron Man 2 Iron Assault Truck

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Iron Man 2™ Iron Assault Truck

MVL Iron Assault TruckMVL Iron Assault Truck PackagingWhen Iron Man needs secure, powerful ground transport, this is the vehicle he turns to. Equipped with the latest in electronic countermeasures, it is all but invisible to enemy radar. Protected by high-tech defenses, this truck slips into enemy territory unnoticed, and uses its devastating missile attack to destroy the bad guys’ base!

When your Iron Man figure has the need for speed and power, this Iron Assault Truck vehicle is the perfect choice! Flip open the cockpit to set your Iron Man figure at “the wheel”. No matter what enemies he has to take on, your “metal-clad” warrior’s vehicle is sure to chase them down in no time. And when it does, slide the switch to fire the four missile accessories. For ground battle, this tough truck can’t be beat!

Vehicle comes with Iron Man figure and 4 launching missile accessories.

Battle-ready vehicle with a cockpit that flips open has four firing missile accessories for even the toughest conflicts! Vehicle comes with Iron Man figure and 4 launching missile accessories. Ages 4 and up.

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  • got it really cheap and even then i dont recommend buying it. save ur money. it is only cause of the discout that i am not upset with this purchase. collectors can skip but for a small childs birthday giftt great