HeroClix: Web of Spider-man

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Heroclix Web of Spider-manThis August sees the release of the Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man Expansion for the Marvel HeroClix Collectible Miniatures Game by WizKids/Neca.  The Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man Expansion includes 64 new HeroClix First Appearance Heroclixfigures (56 new sculpts) including characters from throughout Spider-Man’s career.

Subthemes from Marvel’s key Dark Reign and Siege crossover events are also Doc Ock Heroclixincluded in the set.  WizKids has created a “Buy It By the Brick” promotion that provides consumers with a way to earn the exclusive Spider-Man: First Appearance HeroClix Figure that recreates the cover to AmazingRed Hulk Heroclix Fantasy #15, the first appearance of the legendary webslinger.

Organized play kits will be available to comic book and hobby stores who order Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man from either Diamond Comic Distributors or Alliance Game Distributors.

Heroclix Web of Spider-Man