Frank Frazetta Family At Peace

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It looks at one of the strangest comic book stories of the past year might be coming to a close.  CBS has reported that charges against Frank Frazetta Jr of theft will be dropped.  The Pocono Record describes the federal mediation that was undertaken to reach this point.

The following statement was released:

Frank Frazetta is pleased to announce that all of the litigation surrounding his family and his art has been resolved. All of Frank’s children will now be working together as a team to promote his remarkable collection of images that has inspired people for decades. Frank wishes to thank all of his fans around the world for their loyal and enthusiastic support since the passing of his beloved wife of over 50 years, Ellie Frazetta.

All of Frank Frazetta’s art and intellectual property is owned by Frazetta Properties, LLC. Mr. Frazetta’s management team, Robert Pistella and Stephen Ferzoco, continue as the exclusive representatives for all art related sales, licensing, and marketing. Frank, his four children and his management team are thrilled to put any past differences behind them and look forward to working together as a family to preserve and promote the art and legacy of one of America’s great artists.