Jeff Smith Responds to Bone Ban Attempt

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A few days ago we brought you news of a parent’s attempt to get Jeff Smith’s comic book series Bone banned from her local library.  Robot 6 got Smith’s response to the controversy at last weekend’s C2E2.

At his panel spotlight he had this to say:

She objected to the gambling, smoking and drinking and the sexiness. I feel sorry for her son.  He’s going to be really embarrassed, but you know, not everybody has to like my stuff. That’s fine.  But I really can’t go along with this un-American concept of banning books.  Let the Nazis do that.

Ramona DeLay of Apple Valley, Minnesota complained about the depictions of “drinking, smoking, gambling and “sexual situations between characters,” and is asking for the comics to be removed from the district’s 18 elementary schools; 12 of those schools have at least one volume of Bone available to students.

On April 27 the Reconsideration Review Committee will meet to discuss the request.  Out of 20 requests in the past, they’ve only removed items in three instances.