Spider-man Joins the X-Men?

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Marvel loves their teasers and this one has the comic book bloggerazi stumped.  Released on their website today a teaser entitled “We are X-Men” shows Psylocke and Spider-man.  What does the non-mutant have to do with the team?  Has Marvel decided that Beast and Wolverine are on so many other teams they might as well diversify the X-Men roster?  Looks like they’ll be dishing some dirt as to what’s up at the C2E2 expo on April 18.  I guess this teaser is one way to get people to attend your panel.

X-Men editor Nick Lowe: “Pslocke is a psychic ninja who can cut your mind in half with her psi-sword seconds before she cuts your body in half with a katana. You do not want to mess with her.

“The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is picking up a new neighborhood: San Fancisco. Will the hero who gets no respect joins the species that gets no respect?”

Find out more during Marvel’s X-Men panel at the inaugural C2E2 expo on Sunday, April 18.at 2:45pm.

Spider-man and Psylocke