To Save The World, One Of These X-Men Will Die

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Marvel’s been teasing that a character will die during Second Coming and we’ll find out the answer of who this April 28 in X-Force #26.  And with that revelation Marvel has released another teaser.

From left to right are Colossus, Magik, Iceman, Angel, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler and Cable.  Who do we think will bite it?

Colossus – Not likely, with the return of Kitty Pryde and his sister Magik there’s too many stories down the line to milk.

Magik – Again, she has her own storyline in New Mutants, though we’ve learned it’s not the real Magik that returned.

Iceman – To kill off a founding member, it’d take major cajones?

Angel – I think there’s a possibility here and he’d return full time as Archangel.

Emma Frost – She needs to stick around to set up some tension with the eventual return of Jean Grey, it’d not be likely.  Though Cyclops could be interesting with a “why do my girlfriends keep dying” complex.  But there’s a few characters who already have that role, including Wolverine.

Nightcrawler – Everyone likes him and his role has been usurped a bit by Pixie.  There’s a chance he’s the one biting the dust, but….

Cable – Well something needs to set Hope off and his death could be the catalyst and out of everyone he’s the easiest to bring back.  They’ll just say it’s him from another time period before he jumped to the events that lead up to Second Coming.  If you’re putting money down, he’d be the one I’d go with.

To Save the World, One of These X-Men Will Die