Killer’s Strange Graphic Novel

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Jed Waits of Ellensburg, Washington was shot and killed by police Friday morning after the shooting of Tacoma teacher Jennifer Paulson on her way in to work.  This was the culmination of a stalker relationship Waits had with Paulson.  Waits was described as dangerously “infatuated” with her.

Waits was also a frustrated comic book writer/artist with his A Captain’s Tale still online and availble for order.  The Seattle Weekly picked up on the killer’s graphic novel.

From the graphic novel’s site:

The journey of one lone wanderer…the story of a new century!Raised an only child borne into this desolate wilderness, Jed Waits has traversed the globe in search of wisdom and elusive insight. Pen in hand and notebook by his side, our intrepid author has set out to explore vast, uncharted realms within the world of the graphic novel.

A published cartoonist and author, Jed Waits has found his calling through his artwork, combining both illustration and words into a graphic novel format.

This is currently his second online graphic novel.