Marvel’s Extreme Makeover

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ABC’s Extreme Makeover is one of those television shows where you can’t help to either have a big grin on your face or be bawling with tears rolling down your cheeks.  On  This Sunday’s episode features the Wagstaff family of Gainesville, Florida, who received a brand new home to replace their rotting abode for their work as the founders of a non-profit music school.  Marvel is helping design a room for TJ, one of the children of the family.  Disney, which owns ABC, also recently purchased Marvel for a little over $4 billion.

The room was created by designers from Marvel Entertainment and includes Marvel merchandise as well as an original piece of artwork by Todd Nauck featuring TJ alongside several members of The Avengers.  The artwork will not only appear on the show, but also as the variant cover to Superheroes #1, which goes on sale April 14.

The episode will also feature KISS.  So watch this Sunday and rock and roll and party every day!

Superheroes Variant