Review – Possessions Vol. 1 Unclean Getaway

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PosessionsWe try to look into the deeper themes and meanings in comic books and sometimes they just don’t exist.  There are times when a story is just a story.  Possessions Vol. 1 – Unclean Getaway, written and illustrated by comic veteran Ray Fawkes, is a good example of this.  The story is just a cute tale about a demon, Gurgazon, who’s captured and must deal with it’s new roommates.  We’re not talking too deep here.

Meet Gurgazon the Unclean, the cuddliest little pit demon ever trapped in the Llewellyn-Vane House for Captured Spirits and Ghostly Curiosities! This pit demon may look just like a cute little 5-year old girl, but it isn’t interested in playing checkers with other ghosts. The Gurgazon is determined to escape! Will the house contain it? Or will the world of peace and friendly bunnies come to an end as the Gurgazon exacts its revenge?

Story: The story by Fawkes is cute and entertaining.  A quick 88 page read with some humorous moments.  The story really comes down to Gurgazon and how the demon must deal with the other ghosts it shares a room with.  I laughed a couple of times and there were some slight smiles that broke out on my face, but there’s nothing too special story wise.  Rating: 6.5

Art: The art is an interesting style.  It reminds me of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac but for kids.  The final product will be printed in a two tone sickly-green so I’d imagine in one’s hands the product will feel much different than a pdf.  There’s some nice use of panels and just enough detail to make the art interesting.  Rating: 7

Overall: The story is cute and art interesting but in the end the story and art don’t bring much that’s new.  For kids, this could be a great introductory comic book to horror and I’m sure that’s who it’s aimed for.  It’s just spooky enough that they’ll enjoy it but for teenagers or adults there’s just not much there.  And really when it comes down to it, I’m and adult, I read it from that perspective and the review is a bit harsher than if I gave it to one of my nephews (who I’m sure would love it)  Cute, for kids, but for the adults I’d pass on this one.  Overall Rating: 6.75

Recommendation: Pass (unless you want it for your kids)

Page Count: 88

Price: $5.99

Release: March 17, 2010

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.