Secret Avengers

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Currently Marvel sports four different Avenger titles and all are due for cancellation at the end of the current event, Siege. We know Brian Michael Bendis will be handling a new title starting in May whose team has been revealed through teaser images.  We think this team will see Captain America (Bucky), Spider-woman, Hawkeye, Thor and Iron Man on the team.

On Monday a blacked out teaser image was released in a similar style as the previous one.  It was speculated by a few this was a member for Bendis’ series.  However, we found out this afternoon that this is a teaser for a brand new series by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato that also launches this May.  The series title is Secret Avengers.  So who is the blacked out character?  Our guess is Gorilla-Man from Agents of Atlas or Spider-man.

We’re guessing you can expect a few more of these between now and May when the series launches.

Secret Avenger