New Iron Man Armor

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Coming out on the heels of the “Stark Disassembled” storyline in the Invincible Iron Man series, Marvel has revealed the new look for Iron Man.  The new armor is designed by Matt Fraction and Ryan Meinerding.

From the Marvel website Fraction goes into the thoughts behind the new armor:

The inspiration for the new design came from thinking about a sleeker, leaner, tougher Iron Man,” revealed Fraction. “If technology is increasingly getting smaller and lighter it seems like the Iron Man should do the same: ergonomic and aerodynamic. We were looking for something that felt as sleek and glossy as a sports car Tony Stark would covet. I love what we’ve come up with. It feels like the next evolutionary step in the Iron Man’s design.”

You can check out the new Iron Man in the Invincible Iron Man #25 on sale in April.

Iron Man

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  • Looks like a great new model in the never ending wardrobe of Iron Man suits. I’m excited to see when Stark is going to get a brain again and start fighting back. I’ll admit that I’m a few weeks behind. Currently, I am reading Siege February issues. Tony’s still only a bit more than a vegetable under the care of Thor’s alter-ego.

    Also, I cannot wait for the movie in May. Feel free to check out my rant on my page regarding it. Anyways, great find. Have a good day man!