DC Superhero Strategy This January?

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When it comes to using their characters across the entertainment spectrum DC comics has some catching up to do to their main rival Marvel. Other than their reboot of the Batman franchise under Christopher Nolan’s watchful eye, they haven’t had much luck. Though Superman Returns posted decent numbers the movie reboot didn’t ignite the fanboy passion the company hoped for.

In an interview with Collider.com producer Dan Lin said we can expect that we can expect to hear more about DC’s movie plans this January.  There have been rumors of new movies involving such characters as Superman, Supergirl and even Hawkman and the Justice League feature film keeps starting and stopping.  Even a movie with a lot of buzz like Supermax which would involve the Green Arrow (the movie would of had the hero be incarcerated with a bunch of c-list villains in prison) have seem to fallen off the face of the planet.  Also there’s the eventual follow up to the Dark Knight.

In September, Warner Bros. (DC’s parent company) announced it was reorganizing and forming DC Entertainment to handle the comic book companies characters when it came to other media such as tv, film and games.  With that formation there’s been some staff changes for the comic book publisher at the senior level.