The Comics Chronicles – A Decade of Sales Data

The Comics Chronicles is THE website for analysis of the sale of comic books.  They’ve done a breakdown of the last decade in sales using information provided by Diamond Distribution, the main distributor of comic books for the direct market (aka comic book shops).

Amazing Spider-man #583As it shouldn’t be a surprise Marvel is the publisher of the decade with 8 of the top 10 comics and 186 entries in the top 300.  Also, it seems President Obama truly has a golden touch, driving the sale of Amazing Spider-man #583 to the number one spot despite being out only for a year.  Just shy of 525, 000 copies were ordered by comic book shops.  It’d be interesting to compare issues with President Obama and how they compare to other comics of a series without to see how much of a boost the President really provides.

Check out The Comics Chronicles to see the full breakdown of sales (such as best year and best month), as well as a full list of the top 300 comics solid.