List of Best of Lists

We’ll be posting our “Best Of” List on January 1st (kind of hard to do a best of when they year hasn’t ended). But, here’s a listing of everyone elses’s.  We’ll be updating this list as new lists are produced, and if you come across any, please share them in the comments and share them with everyone.

Do you agree with these picks?  What are your best comics or comic based movies of 2009 or even the decade?

2009 Lists

Chuck’s Comic of the Day – The Top Ten Comic Books of 2009

ComicBook Resources – Top 100 Comics of 2009

Entertainment Weekly named Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli #6 in their top 10 Best Fiction

Entertainment Weekly named The Book of Genesis by R. Crumb #10 in their top 10 Best Nonfiction – Top 9 0f ’09 Comic Books and Graphic Novels

the Hobbit Hole – Top Ten Comic Books of 2009

I Love Rob Liefeld – Best Comics of 2009 Meta-list

IGN – Best of 2009 Comics

IGN – Top 100 Covers of 2009

Newsarama – The top ten comics Caleb happened to read in 2009 that he thought were better than the rest of the comics he read in 2009 – Top Disappointing Comic Books of 2009

Reelz Channel – 2009 Comic Book Movies: Winners and Losers – Trekin09 – Best Star Trek Books & Comics of 2009

Decade Lists

Bleeding Cool – Bleeding Cool’s Top Ten British Comics of The Decade

Bleeding Cool – Tom Huxley’s Top Ten Comics of the Decade

ComicBook Resources – The 30 Most Important Comics of the Decade

Entertainment Weekly named Fun Home by Allison Bechdel #95 out of 100 pieces of entertainment in the past decade and “Best Graphic Novel” – Take 10: Heroes of the Decade

MovieLine – The Decades Best and Worst Graphic Novel Adaptations

NewsOK – ‘Scott Pilgrim’ tops decade’s graphic novels – Top 10 Graphic Novels of the Decade

Shenanigans & Tomfoolery – My Top 10 Comic Books of the Decade

Vue Weekly – Best Graphic Novels of the 2000s

Wired – Best of the Geek Decade – Comics

General Review – Comic Books in 2009 – Better Production – New Distribution Channels

Comic Book Resources – Decade in Review

The Escapist – The Decade in Comics – Best Shot Reviews: Best of 2009