Marvel and Disney Sitting in a Tree

Forbes’s Investopedia takes a look back at the purchase of Marvel comics by Disney for the tune of $4 billion now that the deal is set to officially close.

Disney is paying $51 a share which some consider too much.  However, it’s difficult to really quantify Marvel’s value as it is really made up of properties.  In the long term these properties could become extremely valuable and at the same time they could fizzle.

The prospect of adding Marvel’s intellectual property to Disney’s is so exciting.  Imagine Marvel characters at Disney theme parks or Disney characters being produced through Marvel comics or even Marvel movies promoted by Disney or created by Pixar?  Compare that to Time Warner and their use of DC.  Disney, chart your own path and don’t follow the Time Warner example (Time Warner and DC are in the middle of creating a new game plan).

Really it comes down to a marriage of two great properties, Disney’s family friendly business and Marvel’s edgier set of characters that is set for the teen and older audience (something Disney lacks).  We’ll only know if this was a good deal in the long term but the future is open to so many possibilities and definitely looks bright for both.