Simpsons Soap Stone Carvings

Mr. Burns Soap Stone CarvingThis is very round-about when it comes to comic books but I came across this from Jon Favreau’s Twitter account (the one directing Iron Man, comic connection #1) and is about the Simpsons (who have appeared in comic form, connection #2).

Craft Village is selling soap stone carvings of Simpsons characters.  From their website:

Craft Village is a unique Fair Trade business with no religious or political affiliations.

We harness the popularity of animation and film to improve the lives of African artisans and their families.

We are a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Enjoy your visit to our website!

Craft Village is a wonderful program to help those in economically disadvantaged countries support themselves through the arts.  It helps provide African artisans a world wide audience and promotes “fair wages, job creation and poverty alleviation.”

Craft Village UK work directly with craftspeople in poor countries, developing sustainable, copyright protected, animation inspired products.

We believe the popularity of famous cartoons can be harnessed to improve the working and living conditions of African artisans and their families

Krusty the Clown Soap Stone CarvingWe’re proud to supply Simpsons fans with high quality animation art, whilst having a positive impact in Kenya.

Our debut Simpsons range comes with bespoke packaging and an educational booklet showing who makes the statues, how they are made, and where.

It’s goal is to improve the working and living conditions of the craftspeople and their families.

I placed my order recently and within a week I received my bust of Mr. Burns.  The package is wonderful and both it and the bust are of the highest quality.  It’s a very unique item and benefits a great cause.