IDW Publishing March 2010 New Books

Official Press Release

[Dragon Age #1 cover]Dragon Age #1

Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston (w) • Mark Robinson (a) • Humberto Ramos (c)

Hailed as “the RPG of the Decade” by PC Gamer magazine, Dragon Age: Origins has redefined the modern fantasy roleplaying game. Now, the innovative game from BioWare becomes the latest hit comic from EA Comics!

In a time lost to history, a war ravaged the land. Mages, incredibly powerful wielders of magic, ruled the world through mastery of dark arts and forbidden spells. Their lust for power almost destroyed all existence, and unleashed an unholy pestilence, the Darkspawn, to plague mankind, trolls, faeries, and all the inhabitants of the realm. Now magic is carefully controlled, taught behind the sacred walls of the Circle of Magi, and monitored by the ever-vigilant Templars. It is in this arena that a new generation of Mages in training will arise, warriors of sorcery who will defy the rules of the Templars and change the course of the world forever.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Burst: Written by multiple award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Orson Scott Card (Ender’s Game, Ultimate Iron Man) and Aaron Johnston (Ender’s Game: Mazer in Prison) with art by breakout artist Mark Robinson (Skrull Kill Krew) and covers by superstar artist Humberto Ramos, DRAGON AGE will take you to a world beyond imagination!

Transformers: Nefarious #1 [Transformers: Nefarious #1 cover]

Simon Furman (w) • Carlos Magno (a) • Magno, Brian Rood (c)

The sequel to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen starts here! What is The Initiative? More to the point, why doesn’t the all-seeing SOUNDWAVE know anything about it? How did they come to reanimate/control RAVAGE? SOUNDWAVE must find the answers, and he’ll destroy anything in his path to get them!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Transformers #5 cover]Transformers #5

Mike Costa (w) • Don Figueroa (a) • Figueroa, Andrew Wildman (c)

Optimus Prime and Spike Witwicky have a chat that could define the future of Autobot and human relations! But lest you think it’s all talky-talk, back at Rodimus’ camp something big happens, something very big. A game-changing event in IDW’s Transformers, with a Don Figueroa double-page spread that has to be seen to be believed!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: Bumblebee #4 [Transformers: Bumblebee #5 cover]

Zander Cannon (w) • Chee (a) • Guido Guidi, Chee (c)

When Bumblebee has a change of heart and goes back to help a little
girl whom he had used to discover her father’s secrets, he finds
himself pursued by the terrifying and unstoppable Skywarp!
Bumblebee’s big adventure as leader of the Autobots comes to an
explosive and thrilling conclusion!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #3 cover]Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #3

Nick Roche, James Roberts (w) • Roche (a) • Trevor Hutchison, Roche (c)

Trapped inside a maximum-security prison, surrounded by Decepticons, and outgunned at every turn, it’s time for the newest Wreckers to earn their stripes. But as the horrors of Garrus-9 are laid bare and the fate of Fortress Maximus is revealed, Springer realizes his team has bitten off more than it can chew.

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers Animated Vol. 14 [Transformers Animated Vol 14 cover]

Marry Isenberg (w)  Various (a)

The adventures of the TRANSFORMERS in New Detroit continue. Featuring OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, RATCHET, MEGATRON, BLITZWING and more, this collection features stories from the TV show’s third season.

TPB • FC • $7.99 • 112 Pages • 5” x 7” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-617-0

[Transformers: Best of the UK: Prey TPB cover]Transformers: Best of the UK: Prey

Simon Furman (w) • Jeff Anderson, Dan Reed, Geoff Senior, Will Simpson (a) • Andrew Griffith (c)

The Best of the UK series returns with the five-part Prey! MEGATRON unleashes the feared PREDACONS to seek and destroy OPTIMUS PRIME. Could this be the end for the AUTOBOT leader? Find out in this fan-favorite collection of classic tales from across the pond, written by TRANSFORMERS mainstay Simon Furman.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 132 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-618-7

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #16 Long Beach Comic Con Exclusive [Transformers: All Hail Megatron #13 LBCC exclusive cover]

Mike Costa, Zander Cannon (w) • Guido Guidi, Chee (a) • E.J. Su (c)

Surf’s up in this special con edition of the final issue of All Hail Megatron. For the California-based Long Beach Con, artist E.J. Su brought the TRANSFORMERS to the beach in a special recreation of the classic Endless Summer movie poster. Just because you missed the con doesn’t mean you have to miss this special cover now! Only 400 copies were printed!

FC • 32 pages • Net Cost: $10.00

*Limited to stock on hand

[GI JOE #16 cover]G.I. Joe #16

Chuck Dixon (w) • Robert Atkins (a) • David Williams, Atkins (c)

The Baroness is having a really bad day at the top of the world. The M.A.S.S. Device is malfunctioning. Destro’s causing problems. Cobra Commander is demanding results. And to add to her troubles, a hit team of master snipers has her in the crosshairs. Not a lot of job security in COBRA.

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. Joe: Operation Hiss #2 [GI JOE: Operation H.I.S.S. #2 cover]

Brian Reed (w) • Agustin Padilla (a) • Joe Corroney, Padilla (c)
Duke goes behind enemy lines to find out the truth about Major Sebastian Bludd. But is Duke a double agent, or has he truly gone turncoat? Meanwhile, Scarlett and team dig deeper into the mysterious M.A.R.S.

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[GI JOE: COBRA II #3 cover]G.I. Joe: Cobra II #3

Mike Costa, Christos N. Gage (w) • Antonio Fuso (a) • Howard Chaykin, Fuso (c)

Chuckles is in the wind and doesn’t care if he lives or dies. All he wants is revenge. But the Joes need him in one piece… and getting him means following him into the belly of the beast. Or, in this case, the reptile—COBRA.

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. Joe: Origins #13[GI JOE Origins #13 cover]

Scott Beatty (w) • S. L. Gallant (a) • Tom Feister, Gallant (c)

First appearance of RIPCORD! The latest candidate for G.I. JOE status may already be dead! Meet Wallace Weems, a soldier everybody calls RIPCORD. Lost in a forbidding jungle, Ripcord has one mission: SURVIVE! And if he doesn’t outwit, outfight, and outlast the terrorists hunting him, thousands more might die!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[GI JOE Origins Vol 2 cover]G.I. JOE: Origins, Vol. 2

Chuck Dixon (w) • SL Gallant (a) • David Williams (c)

Scarlett on trial! Mainframe gone insane! Snake Eyes on his own! And Cobra revealed! Seasoned comics vet Chuck Dixon turns the heat up on America’s most elite fighting force as the tale of the creation of G.I. JOE is told.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 152 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-609-5

G.I. Joe Movie Adaptation #1: 2009 Comic-Con Exclusive [GI JOE Movie Adaptation #1 SDCC exclusive cover]

Denton J. Tipton (w) • Casey Maloney (a)

Available for the first time outside the walks of Comic-Con!

FC • 32 pages • Net Cost: $5.00

*Limited to stock on hand

[GI JOE Movie Adaptation #2 SDCC exclusive cover]G.I. Joe Movie Adaptation #2: 2009 Comic-Con Exclusive

Denton J. Tipton (w) • Casey Maloney (a)

Available for the first time outside the walks of Comic-Con!

FC • 32 pages • Net Cost: $5.00

*Limited to stock on hand

G.I. Joe Movie Adaptation #3: 2009 Comic-Con Exclusive [GI JOE Movie Adaptation #3 SDCC exclusive cover]

Denton J. Tipton (w) • Casey Maloney (a)

Available for the first time outside the walks of Comic-Con!

FC • 32 pages • Net Cost: $5.00

*Limited to stock on hand

[GI JOE Movie Adaptation #4 SDCC exclusive cover]G.I. Joe Movie Adaptation #4: 2009 Comic-Con Exclusive

Denton J. Tipton (w) • Casey Maloney (a)

Available for the first time outside the walks of Comic-Con!

FC • 32 pages • Net Cost: $5.00

*Limited to stock on hand

The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #1 [The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #1 cover]

Joe Carnahan, Tom Waltz (w) • Stephen Mooney (a) • John K. Snyder III (c)

The A-Team are back! Before you see their return on the big-screen, thrill to this special mission told in comic book form only! After a successful-but harrowing-completion to a mission in icy Alaska, Hannibal and the team are up for some much-needed leave in sunny San Diego to attend the wedding of a high-ranking U.S. official’s daughter.

But when threats are made against the event, the A-Team is forced to quit their vacation and go undercover to foil what might be a terrorist plot.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #2 cover]The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding #2

Joe Carnahan, Tom Waltz (w) • Stephen Mooney (a) • John K. Snyder III (c)

The A-Team have fallen into their deep undercover personas at a very high-profile wedding for an important U.S. official’s daughter, seeking to stop a potential terrorist plot before it happens. But, with Murdock cooking, Face event planning, B.A. chauffeuring, and “Reverend” Hannibal presiding, will the wedding be able to survive the A-Team?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

The A-Team: War Stories: Hannibal [The A-Team: War Stories: Hannibal cover]

Chuck Dixon & Erik Burnham (w) • Hugo Petrus (a) • Michael Gaydos (c)

A standalone prequel to this summer’s most anticipated movie! Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith is never stuck for a plan. But how is he going to cope with a mission in which everything goes wrong and he might just wind up on the wrong side of Saddam Hussein in this Desert Storm flashback adventure we’re calling… “The Luckiest Man In Iraq.”

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[The A-Team: War Stories: B.A. cover]The A-Team: War Stories: B.A.

Chuck Dixon & Erik Burnham (w) • Casey Maloney (a) • Michael Gaydos (c)

A prequel to this summer’s most anticipated movie! Sgt. Bosco “B.A.” Baracus is the kind of man you want on your side in a tough situation—which is why he was sent into Kuwait City to help retrieve weapons stolen from the coalition during Desert Storm. But when B.A. learns that this particular mission isn’t exactly what he was told, you’ll pity the fool that tried to lie to him.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

FX 2: The Lost Land #1 [FX: The Lost Land #1 cover]

Wayne Osborne (w) • Uko Smith (a) • Smith, Mike Ploog (c)

Picking up where the last minseries ended, Wayne Osborne and new artist Uko Smith begin a six-issue miniseries that will take FX and the gang on an adventure to the center of the Earth and then beyond. But first, our heroes must confront the mysterious Arachnoid. Is he friend or foe? You won’t want to miss this issue!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99



Wayne Osborne (w) • John Byrne (a & c)

TPB • FC • 152 pages • 6.625” x 10.187” • $19.99 • 978-1-60010-274-5

Tank Girl: The Royal Escape #1 (of 4) [Tank Girl: Royal Escape #1 cover]

Alan C. Martin (w) • Rufus Dayglo (a) • Dayglo (c)

Dayglo & Martin give us a completely new take on Tank Girl—grittier, bloodier, and weirder than ever before. “The Royal Escape” finds Tank Girl and her team stranded on the outskirts of a city they have just destroyed, as an immense and vengeful army approaches. Not recommended for children, the elderly, or wussies.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Tank Girl © 2010 Hewlett and Martin

[Eternal Descent #1 cover]Eternal Descent #1

Llexi Leon (w) • Jason Metcalf (a & c)

Welcome to a city where lost souls lurk in every shadow and darkness veils sinister designs, where heavy metal could be the key to salvation…or the gateway to destruction. A fallen hero, a twisted demon, one gorgeous succubus, and an army of chart-topping guitar heroes: the pieces are in place. The Descent begins. Written by Llexi Leon and illustrated by Jason Metcalf. Incentive Cover by Syzmond Kudranski & Svee Wheeler. Created in conjunction with ESP Guitars and Marshall Amplification.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Eternal Descent property/images/media are ©2009 Incendium Records LTD.

A radical new title brought to you by the industry leaders in heavy rock and metal, ESP guitars and Marshall Amplification. Setting the stage for unique cameo appearances from major artists such as: Static X, Atreyu, God Forbid, Firewind, Shadows Fall, and many more!

Tony Harris: Art and Skullduggery HC [Tony Harris: Art and Skullduggery HC cover]

Celebrating 20 years in the industry, Desperado Publishing is proud to partner with IDW to present the fifth volume in its Eisner-winning series of retrospective art books featuring Eisner Award-winning artist, Tony Harris. A co-founder of Atlanta’s Gaijin Studios, Tony’s incredible career spans everything from long runs on Ex Machina and Starman to popular work at Marvel, Innovation, Topps, White Wolf and everywhere in between. This oversize hardcover edition features a complete retrospective of his career, with character and concept notes from his journals, sketchbook and design art, personal photos, and, of course, beautifully reproduced art from throughout his career.

HC • FC • $49.99 •  9” x 12” • 312 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-719-1

Tony Harris: Art and Skullduggery S&N Limited Edition HC

This special edition is strictly limited to 500 signed and numbered editions with a special bookplate!

HC • FC • $79.99 •  9” x 12” • 312 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-720-7

The Bible: Eden [Bible: Eden cover]

Keith Giffen, Dave Elliott (w) • Scott Hampton (a & c)

With Dave Elliott and Keith Giffen scripting, award-winning creator Scott Hampton produced this beautifully painted, visually stunning adaptation of the original tale of innocence, temptation and lust for the pages of Penthouse magazine. Collected here in TPB form for the first time, The Bible: Eden brings to vivid full-color life one of the world’s classic stories. This TPB features a never-before-seen 8-page bonus tale of Daniel by Hampton, too!

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 8-1/2” x 11” •  112 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-718-4

[Star Trek: Movie Adaptation #2 cover]Star Trek Movie Adaptation #2

Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Tim Jones, Mike Johnson (w) • David Messina (a & c)

The official comics adaptation of the blockbuster film Star Trek continues in this mini-series presented by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman! Follow young Kirk and Spock on their journey towards Starfleet Academy and witness Kirk’s first encounter with the USS Enterprise! Brought to you by the creative team behind the best-selling Star Trek: Countdown, this series includes scenes not included in the original film!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts #5 [Star Trek: TNG: Ghosts #5]

Zander Cannon (w) • Javier Aranda (a) • Joe Corroney (c)

It’s the stunning conclusion! As Worf’s execution draws ever closer, Commander

Riker sends Data alone into enemy territory to find him. Meanwhile, Picard and his fellow prisoners search desperately for a way out of the white zone before their link to the real world disappears—trapping them forever!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Star Trek: DS9: Fool's Gold #4 cover]Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold #4

Scott & David Tipton (w) • Fabio Mantovani (a) • Sharp Brothers, David Messina (c)

With Deep Space Nine descending into chaos, Captain Sisko turns to an unexpected source for assistance—but how can the Cardassian tailor Garak help? It all comes together in this final issue of IDW’s debut DEEP SPACE NINE miniseries!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC · 32 pages · $3.99

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight, Vol. 2 [Star Trek: Alien Spotlight, Vol 2 cover]

Keith R. A. DeCandido, Ian Edgington, Stuart Moore, Andy Schmidt, David Tipton, Scott Tipton (w) • Elena Casagrande, Mike Hawthorne, Wagner Reis, J. K. Woodward (a) • Various (c)

Cardassians, Klingons, Q, Romulans, and Tribbles. Five different and distinct alien races, all part of the Star Trek Universe. Five stand-alone stories that take you on unique and intriguing adventures, each focusing on an alien species that has come into contact—and often conflict—with the Federation of Planets!

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 128 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-612-5

[Mercy Thompson: Moon Called #2 cover]Mercy Thompson: Moon Called #2

Patricia Briggs, Derek Ruiz (w) • Clint Hilinski (a & c)

Smoking hot Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson, (ace Volkswagen mechanic and shapeshifting human/coyote hybrid) puts the bite on a rogue werewolf helping a novice were-guy… and then all hell breaks loose at wolfpack-leader Adam’s house, and she’s left to sort all the bodies! With Adam’s daughter, Jesse, now missing, Mercy has her work cut out for her!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Army of Two #3 [Army of Two #3 cover]

Peter Milligan (w) • Dexter Soy (a) • Chester Ocampo (c)

“Across the Border: Part 3.” Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem have been framed for smuggling cocaine. These tough soldiers might have faced just about every danger in the world—but will it prepare them for the hell that waits in the Mexican Jail, where they must fight for their lives against corrupt guards as well as the sadistic criminals locked in with them? Meanwhile, Jaime tightens his bloodthirsty grip on the local underworld.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Angel: Lorne cover]Angel Special: Lorne

John Byrne (w & a & c)

The world is in peril (again!), and only the most unlikely member of Angel’s entourage is able to save the day. A special book-length tribute to the late Andy Hallett and his character, Lorne, presented by writer-artist John Byrne.

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32-ad-free pages • $5.99

Angel #31 [Angel #31 cover]

Bill Willingham, Bill Williams (w) • Brian Denham, David Messina (a) • Jenny Frison, David Messina (c)

While Connor tries to get his devoted army of demon soldiers under control, a new player steps up, and Illyria decides not to take Angel’s continued absence lying down. Meanwhile, Eddie Hope finds out that being a force for justice has some major consequences.

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Angel: A Hole in the World #4 cover]Angel: A Hole in the World #4

Scott Tipton (w) • Elena Casagrande (a & c)

After recovering her full powers, Illyria sets out to reclaim her position as ruler of the world, seeking her vast army that exists between our plain of existence and has been awaiting her return. Meanwhile, Wesley discovers Gunn’s horrifying role in Fred’s death and enacts his own kind of justice.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #5 [Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #5 cover]

Joe Hill (w) • Gabriel Rodriguez (a & c)

Chapter 5: Light of Day. Four words: “Giants hitting each other.” Don’t miss the most smash-tastic fight issue of the year!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Doctor Who #9 cover]Doctor Who #9

Tony Lee (w) • Blair Shedd (a) • Paul Grist, Shedd (c)

“Don’t Step On The Grass” Part 1 (of 2): When The Doctor is called back to modern-day London by Martha Jones and U.N.I.T., the last thing he expects are the Enochian Angels of Elizabethan magician John Dee, the secret underground library of Greenwich Park, and an army of angry living trees!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Doctor Who Classics: Series 3 #1  [Doctor Who Classics Series 3 #1 cover]

Steve Parkhouse (w) • John Ridgway (a) • Robert Hack (c)

IDW’s newly recolored reprints of classic Doctor Who tales from years past continues in this all-new series picking up where Series II left off. In this first issue, with 32 pages of story and no ads, Steve Parkhouse and John Ridgway present “The Shape Shifter” and Parts 1 and 2 of “Voyager,” featuring the sixth Doctor.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Doctor Who, Vol 1: Fugitive cover]Doctor Who, Vol. 1: Fugitive

Tony Lee (w) • Al Davison, Matt Smith (a) • Paul Grist (c)

An anomaly in the space-time continuum brings the Doctor to Hollywood during the Roaring Twenties, where he makes new friends and new enemies. But his actions attract the attention of the Shadow Proclamation, which puts him on trial for his life! This book collects the first six issues of the ongoing series, written by Tony Lee (Doctor Who: The Forgotten), with art by Al Davison (The Dreaming) and Matthew Smith (The Keep).

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 152 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-607-1

Doctor Who Classics Vol. 5 [Doctor Who Classics Vol 5 cover]

Steve Parkhouse (w) • Mick Austin, Steve Dillon (a) • Steve Parkhouse (c)

IDW’s newly re-colored reprints of classic Doctor Who tales from years past continue. In this collection the adventures of the Fifth Doctor continues in “Lunar Lagoon” and the four-part “4-Dimensional Vistas,” printed in the U.S. for the first time, and more! Featuring all-new colors by Charlie Kirchoff.

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-608-8

[Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression TPB cover]Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression

Scott Lobdell (w) • Ilias Kyriazis (a) • Nick Runge (c)

In this collection of the latest Ghostbusters adventure, the ‘Busters have been defeated by the pan-dimensional demon lord Kozar’Rai—Father of Gozer—and the villain has separated them across the time stream! Now Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston must find their own way to return to present-day Earth and free all of humanity from the Rule of Kozar’Rai!

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-610-1

Weekly World News #3 [Weekly World News #3 cover]

Chris Ryall (w) • Alan Robinson  (a) • Alan Robinson, J.K. Woodward (c)

In the penultimate chapter of “The Irredemption of Ed Anger,” the public turns on Bat Boy, giving Ed Anger the redemption he’s been looking for. Too bad it happens right when Chaos Cloud arrives, intending to destroy the Earth! The first Weekly World News comic series is already considered the best new series of the Millennium according to [word count exceeded].

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Zombies vs Robots Aventure #2

Chris Ryall (w) • Menton Matthews III, Paul McCaffrey, Gabriel Hernandez (a) • Ashley Wood (c)

In the second chapter of the reborn ZvR anthology, Chris Ryall and Menton Matthews III go to war in “Kampf;” Ryall and Paul McCaffrey bring the iron in “Masques;” and Gabriel Hernandez illustrates an all-new zombie threat in “Zuvembies vs Robots.”

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[The Ghoul #3 cover]The Ghoul #3

Steve Niles (w) • Bernie Wrightson (a & c)

After a brief, demonic waylay, the Ghoul and Detective Klimpt finally come face-to-face with the horror they have sought. What began as a Hollywood rumor takes a twisted turn for the worst and the recently teamed-up monster and cop find themselves in a nightmare of glitz, glamour and guts! Also, part three of the prose Ghoul adventure “My Ghoul” also concludes as Wrightson, Niles and IDW dole out a generous dose of horrors.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box #4 [Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box #4 cover]

Scott Lobdell (w) • Renae DeLiz & Ray Dillon (a & c)

It’s the 1920s and a young girl is nearly starving on the streets of Chicago, hoping against hope she can ace an audition as a flapper in a popular night club. But when the manager tries to explain to this talent-less waif there’s no such thing as a free lunch, the only thing on hand to defend her honor is a music box she uses as a bludgeon! But the music box is no more generous than the now dead manager—she’s now talented, rich and famous… but at what price?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Li'l Abner, Vol 1]L’il Abner, Vol. 1

Al Capp (w & a & c)

Volume 1 of The Complete L’il Abner contains Al Capp’s comedy masterpiece from 1934-1936, including full-color Sunday pages never before collected in book form. Li’l Abner moves to New York to live with his rich aunt and has to dodge both kidnappers and grasping socialites! Then it’s a classic case of mistaken identity when Li’l Abner’s evil twin, the ruthless criminal Gat Garson, comes to town…

HC • PC • $49.99 • 288 Pages • 9.25” x 12” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-611-8

Torpedo Vol. 2 [Torpedo Two cover]

Enrique Abuli (w) • Jodi Bernet (a & c)

The continued adventures of Luca Torelli, a cold-hearted gangster in the 1930s, and those in his merciless orbit. Abuli portrays the characters with humor and poignancy, and Jimmy Palmiotti’s translations provide a true sense of New York in the 1930s. Jordi Bernet’s art, of course, is lovely, but Torpedo is Bernet’s masterpiece—the closest the graphic novel medium has ever come to The Godfather.

HC • BW • $24.99 • 160 Pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-614-9

[The Last Resort TPB cover]The Last Resort

Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray (w) • Giancarlo Caracuzzo (a) • Darwyn Cooke (c)

A summer blockbuster popcorn movie on paper, The Last Resort is an action adventure story of the first order. An homage to classic disaster films, The Last Resort is from the writer’s of the hit comic book series’ Power Girl, Uncle Sam, and Jonah Hex.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 120 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-615-6

EZ Street [EZ Street cover]

Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley (w) • Mark Wheatley (a & c)

The Harvey Awards-nominated graphic novel by Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley is now in print at last! This is the story of two brothers and their struggles, ambitions, dreams and fantasies. All this plus extras galore—including a sneak preview of the sequel (of sorts), Lone Justice: Crash!

TPB • FC • $21.99 • 224 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-585-2

© 2010 Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley

[Lone Justice #2 cover]Lone Justice #2

Robert Tinnell, Mark Wheatley (w) • Wheatley (a) • Wheatley (c)

A ComicMix Production! He has vanquished the most sinister and powerful villains of his age—but now Lone Justice faces bankruptcy and homelessness. In his secret identity of Octavius Brown, he seeks help from his friends and his crime-fighting partners. But now all he can count on are his wits and his own two fists!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Lone Justice ™ and © Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley, 2009-2010. All Rights Reserved.

Starstruck #7 [Starstruck #7 cover]

Elaine Lee (w) • Michael Wm. Kaluta, Charles Vess (a) • Kaluta (c)

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but only the empath fish girls at Uncle Bob’s Fantanimalland can read minds! Chubby little Bronwyn eats food meant for the Mystic Nyts of the Sea, unlocking latent psychic powers while Ronnie, meanwhile, has a plan to scare Brigade Academy Cadets away from the Veil’s property in Neutral Zone 8.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

[Song of Saya #2 cover]Song of Saya #2

Daniel Liatowitsch & Todd Ocvirk (w) • Yair Herrera (a & c)

Based on the Japanese smash-hit PC game, the story continues with Josh’s crippling pain held at bay by Saya’s touch. He now seeks answers to both of their questions: What is the nightmarish world that threatens to overcome Josh’s sanity? Once Josh discovers the horrifying conspiracy he’s been embroiled in, he realizes it may already be too late…

FC • 32 pages • $3.99