Comics Target of Home Invasion

What is it with robberies and comic books?  News came from an attempted home robbery in Chico, California.  Police said three men who barged into a home Thursday night were after comic books and cash.  It occurred in the 900 block of West Fourth Street.

One of the suspects was allegedly armed with a hand gun.

To make the story more entertaining the residents of the home were three college-age females.  When they said they didn’t have comic books, the thieves demanded marijuana (shocker).  When the victims told the thieves they didn’t have that either they handed the suspects $5 at which point the three men left the residence.

Police said one victim reported being hit on the head during the robbery, but didn’t require medical attention.

The women described the robbers as black adults, wearing all black clothing and ski masks. They reportedly escaped on foot.

Anyone with information is asked to call Chico police at 897-4900.