University of Western Ontario Receives Comic Collection

The University of Western Ontario is set to receive what is believed to be the largest and most valuable collection of comic books ever donated to a Canadian university.  Former Huron University College professor, Eddy Smet has donated his 10,000 plus comic book collection to the University.  The collection is over 40 years in the making and estimated to be valued at over $100,000.  The collection will be donated to the Captain CanukWestern Archives, the archival research department of Western Libraries.

The Comic Book Collection includes rare Batman appearances from the seventies and eighties with works by Denny O’Neil, Frank Miller’s revolutionary run on Daredevil, Alan Moore’s complete runs on Watchmen, Miracleman and Swamp Thing, and the first 14 issues of Captain Canuck, arguably Canada’s most popular and important superhero comic.

Smet, who owned and operated the Comic Book Collector during his tenure at Huron.  He’s hoping the collection will help future students interested in studying pop culture, visual arts or even women’s studies.

The collection will be donated in regular installments over several years and negotiations for the donation has been worked on since 2008.