Frazetta Heist Update

Alfonso Frank Frazetta might have not been totally full of it when he claimed he had the authority to move his famous dad’s artwork.  We reported earlier how the son of famous painter Frank Frazetta was arrested for theft and burglary.  The Pocono Record is reporting that”

A new witness surfaced Wednesday in the Frazetta art theft case, claiming legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta signed a notarized letter two weeks ago authorizing his son Frank Jr. to secure the artwork.

Frank Frazetta Death DealerThis is what Alfonso (Frank Jr.) claimed when police arrested him.  He claimed he was moving the artwork to protect them.  A claim backed up by the witness.

Frank Sr. set up an LLC to protect and control his paintings.  And though the LLC names all four of Frank Sr.’s children as beneficiaries, Frank Jr. is the only one of the four who’s not an LLC director, Geiger said. This means only Frank Jr.’s siblings can approve anything being done with the paintings, and none of them have said they gave him permission to move the paintings.

The notarized document revoked a power-of-attorney held by the artist’s other three children, Bill Frazetta of East Stroudsburg and sisters Holly Taylor and Heidi Gravin, both of Florida.  It also charged Frank Jr. to secure the paintings by “any means necessary.”

The issue now at hand is that the notarized document might have no authority after the initial transfer to the LLC since it gave up Frank Sr.’s ownership of the paintings.

In the end this sounds like one giant family feud, should be fun to keep track to see how this plays out.