Frazetta Heist

Alfonso Frank FrazettaAlfonso Frank Frazetta, the son of artist Frank Frazetta, was caught breaking into his father’s museum in an attempt to steal 90 paintings worth around $20 million.  Alfonso was charged with theft and burglarly after he was caught loading paintings into his vehicle, with bail being set at $500,000.

Frazetta and two another man used the backhoe to enter the Frazetta Art Museum in the Pocono Mountains region on Wednesday.  Charges are pending against the second man.

Alfonso told police he had permission to move the paintings to a storage facility according to a police affidavit.  He also said he had permission to enter the premise by “any means necessary.”  The trooper contacted the owner who said no such permission was granted.

The elder Frazetta is 81 and suffering from dementia, and his dumb-ass son is 52. Frank Frazetta is best known for his work on comic books including Tarzan and Conan.

Lori Frazetta, Alfonso’s wife, said the incident was the result of family infighting that began after the death of Frank Sr.’s wife, Ellie, a few months ago. According to Lori, Alfonso and Ellie ran the family business until Ellie’s death a few months ago – when the infighting over Frank Sr.’s paintings began.

Lori Frazetta said her husband, Alfonso, notified state troopers of his intentions to inventory the paintings, pursuant to a civil litigation among family members. She also said Alfonso was planning to take the paintings to a secured location when he was apprehended.

The theft has come a few weeks after the Frazetta family finally sold one of Frank Frazetta’s major works – the Berzerker – for $1 million.