Review – Love Buzz

Frank Zappa said romantic movies were some of the biggest dangers as they set up expectations that can’t be met.  How true his words are. Love Buzz is a graphic novel released this week that tells the tale of love, romance and all of the hurt and baggage that comes with it.  As the novel says itself it’s “not a story of true love, but a true love story.”
Love BuzzIn close to 200 pages writer Len N. Wallace and artists Michelle Silva & Dave Tuney bring you a whirlwind tale of love gained, lost, and gained again that seems like it could of been ripped from my life at least.  I don’t know if anyone else’s life was like this but throughout my reading I had flashbacks to high school, college, and beyond.  The story definitely nails the stupid things we do and the pain we go through.

I’ll admit I was skeptical going into reading this graphic novel.  But in a few hours I found myself tearing through it cover to cover and wanting to go back and read it again.

This is one of the best graphic novels of the year, and definitely a sleeper you should not miss.

Oni Press’s official synopsis:

What if the one that got away kept coming back?

Norm Raymer, an aspiring comic artist, has a turbulent relationship with Maggie. With their passionate ups and chaotic downs, is this love, or a youthful lust? For better or worse, Norm and Maggie must discover whether or not they can ever really make it as a normal couple. Can you really be a normal couple when your whole life is just fodder for your comic book? A new romantic comedy graphic novel for young comic nerds in love.

It’s one of those great reads that hits your heart and mind just right.  Now excuse me while I go and call the one that got away….

Story: A story is good when it gets you to start reflecting on your loves lost and the stupid things you’ve done in life.  The characters are multi-layered and are very real in their actions and dialogue.  This is how I remember high school and college, pain and all.  The writer and artists blend the actual story with the main character’s own artistry and his interpretation of his thoughts and events on his own drawn page.  Rating: 10

Art: I loved the art.  A mix of styles between the main story’s anime-esque style with varying styles of the main character’s own doodles.  There’s a fantastic balance of detail and not cluttering the page with too much clutter.  You’re given just enough to look at and focus on the story.  Usage of the panels is fantastic with some great page layouts.  Top notch work. Rating: 10

Overall: This graphic novel is fantastic.  To me, it holds the angst and focuses on real relationships like Kevin Smith’s movie Chasing Amy, but in graphic novel form.  I can’t praise this piece of story telling enough, but I’m a sap for these types of stories, and I’ve loved and lost a decent amount (I’ll admit it, I choked up at the end.  Wanna make something of it!?).  I just think the work speaks for itself and this graphic novel is really the surprise of the year for me.  Stop reading this review and go purchase it now, I can’t recommend it enough.  Why are you still reading?  Go to you’re shop now to purchase it (or you should be checking it out on Amazon). Overall Rating: 10

Recommendation: Buy

168 page Graphic Novel $14.95

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.


  • Wow… Just wow… Excellent review, and I gotta say I’m absolutely flattered. I’m glad people seem to “get” this story. Thanks a million times for the praises, Brett. From me, Michelle, Dave, Tom, and all the guys at Oni. This has made my day!

    • Easily the best graphic novel (and even one of the best comics) I’ve read all year, and it’ll be getting that recognition in my yearly round up during the last week (still working on the categories).

  • Awesome, man. Send me a link when you post it so I can broadcast it around.