DC Boosts Sales with Ring Promotions

As expected DC Comics’ promotional tie-in of lantern rings with lower selling books caused a massive boost of sales for each of those issues. Comic Book Resources has a decent article about how different stores are handling the ring distribution and how much it boosted those sales.

In October, for the first time in more than a decade, DC Comics locked up the top six spots for monthly sales, according to figures released by Diamond Comic Distributors. And five of the six titles were “Blackest Night”-related, including the highest ranking title of the month, “Blackest Night” #4.

Most importantly, they include an updated schedule for the rings’ release.  Instead of being spread out over a couple of months, the promotion is compacted to run the month of November.

DC Ring Promotion Checklist

  • “Doom Patrol” #4 – Yellow Ring – November 4
  • “Booster Gold” #26 – Orange Ring – November 11
  • “R.E.B.E.L.S.” #10 – Indigo Ring – November 11
  • “Adventure Comics” #4 – Blue Ring – November 18
  • “Outsiders” #24 – Violet Ring – November 18
  • “Blackest Night” #5 – Green Ring – November 25
  • “Justice League of America” #39 – Red Ring – November 25

Blackest Night Promotional Lantern Rings