Lantern Promotional Rings

Lantern RingsI found out a month or two ago the Black Lantern ring (the middle one in the photo to the left) previously given away wasn’t going to be the only Lantern ring to come out.

Over the next few months DC Comics will allow you to grab the entire spectrum with purchases of specific comics. To get your favorite Lantern corps ring all you need to do is purchase the following comics:

November 4: Doom Patrol #4 – Sinestro Corps Ring (Yellow)

November 18: Booster Gold #26 – Orange Lantern Ring

December 2: Justice League of America #39 – Red Lantern Ring

December 16: Blackest Night #5 – Green Lantern Ring

December 30: Adventure Comics #4 – Blue Lantern Ring

January 13: R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 – Indigo Tribe Ring

January 27: Outsiders #24 – Star Sapphire Ring (Violet)

None of these series except Blackest Night (and probably Adventure Comics) are big sellers, so it’s quite clear this is not about just promoting the Blackest Night event but also boosting sales.

You can purchase a set though through a DC prop collectors set that can be seen here, that will run you a lot more than just picking up the comics mentioned above.

One comment

  • I actually got the green ring when I bought the fist in a new Green Lantern Series