Weekly Purchases

Another Marvel dominated week with quite a few issues of Dark Reign spin-off limited series.

Weekly Purchases

Batman: The Widening Gyre #2 – As with the last Batman penned Batman series, I think Kevin Smith falls a little short of the true potential of his writing ability and ideas.  He has a habit of breaking character (Superman calling Robin “little shaver”?!) and having their dialogue not quite fit what you’d expect.  I imagine, much like his last arc, this limited series will wind up with a big, “meh”.

Blackest Night: Titans #2 – We know the formula for the Blackest Night limited series.  Black Lantern versions of dead characters rise and the alive heroes must deal with them., rinse, repeat.  The only interesting thing coming out of this 3 issue limited series is my hunch that Dove may be a key player in ending the reign of the Black Lanterns.  Can anyone say White Lanten?

Dark Reign: The Hood #5 – A Dark Reign limited series comes to an end as the Hood has to prove why he’s the leader of the gang.

Dark Reign: Lethal Legion #3 – Another Dark Reign limited series comes to a close as we learn who betrayed the Lethal Legion in a fantastic twist ending.  These three issues are well worth the read.

Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-man #4 – It’s the final issue of this Dark Reign limited series.  Osborn has decided he’s had enough of this Spider-man’s shenanigans as the gangs and villains he’s bitten converge with the same idea.

Green Lantern #46 – The gathering of the light continues as the home of the Star Sapphires falls, and the leadership of the Sinestro Corps. is decided.  It’s Mongul vs. Sinestro to see who will rule the yellow light.

New Mutants #5 – Legion is brought back to Nation X as the task of repairing his mind begins and it is hinted that he may hold the key to re-powering mutants.  The team also debriefs on their mission as an old friend jaunts across the U.S.  A pretty decent issue bridging to the next story arc, but the art was lacking.

Punisher Annual #1 – This issue reads like an extended regular issue keeping focus on Frank’s dealing with resurrected D-list villains, but this guest stars Spider-man!  If you really enjoy the regular series this annual is ok, with a little campier tone than the normal series.  It’s definitely not a must read, and as far as I know there’s no major ground broken here.

Secret Warriors #8 – Phobos has a message for Norman Osborn.

Thor #603 – Thor and Sif return to Tulsa as some of the Asgardians decide to set up shop.  Bill’s curiosity gets the better of him as he decides to see what’s really going on with Loki and Doom.

Thunderbolts #136 – The team must decide if they want to follow orders and kill Songbird and Black Widow as we finally learn the identity of Scourge.

Unknown Soldier #12 – The assassination attempt is set in motion as the benefit for Moses begins.  One of the best comics being written today.

Wolverine: Weapon X #5 – Wolverine goes after Blackguard in the final issue of the series first story arc.

X-Factor #49 – Wait, when did I miss the whole Rictor/Shatterstar thing!?  That relationship is explored a bit as the team in modern times continues to fight Cortex.  In the future Doom discusses altruism and selfishness and we learn more of his reasoning in helping the Summers Rebellion.

X-Force #19 – X-23 is captured and the team tries to find her, Elixir is in a coma, and Wolfsbane is still fighting Frost Giants, all leading up to Necrosha.

X-Men: Forever #8 – The team attempts to figure out the mystery of the Sentinels.  It’s interesting to compare this series to it’s “modern” counterparts.  The tone and writing is completely different.  This series holds up it’s “throwback” appeal.

Graphic Novels

Sleeper: Season Two – Collecting the final volume of the acclaimed series by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.  Brubaker is one of the master story tellers of this time.  I highly recommend pretty much everything he’s written.