Weekly Purchases

Some new books hitting the shelves this week as Marvel comics dominates my week’s pull box.

Monthly Comics

Avengers: The Initiative #28 – One of the Initiative teams secedes and the Avengers Resistance heads in to save them before Osborn’s Initiative can get to them.

Blackest Night: Superman #2 – Superman, Conner, and Supergirl take on the ghosts of their past in this Blackest Night tie in.

Dark Reign: Made Men – The best thing of Dark Reign has been it’s focus on the lesser known Marvel characters.  This issue consists of five short stories of some of the D-listers in the Marvel Universe.  Spymaster, Attuma, Jack O’Lantern, Gamma Corps, and the Enforcer all share the limelight in what is actually an entertaining read.  Here’s hoping there’s more to come with each of these stories.

Dark Reign: The List – X-Men – Osborn comes gunning for Namor as a political shift occurs in the relationship between the Atlanteans and Mutants.  Also, a reprint of Matt Fraction’s first work for Marvel.

Dark X-Men: The Confession – Cyclops and Emma share the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other.

Fantastic Four #571 – Reed spends more time with the Council and must decide if he belongs with it or the Fantastic Four.  The new creative team has definitely upped my enjoyment of the book.

Guardians of the Galaxy #18 – The Guardians of the Galaxy team lost in the future jumps through different time streams in an alternate reality hopping adventure.  I’m not a fan of the art this issue but the story is top notch as always.

the New Avengers #57 – The team must deal with the power disruptor as the villains strike a deal with Norman Osborn.

Spider-Woman #1 – Men in Black meets Mission Impossible with a very curvy main character, what’s not to like?

Superman: Secret Origin #1 – Geoff Johns has handled the reboots of the Green Lantern and currently the Flash.  While Green Lantern was fantastic the Flash so far has been lacking something.  This retelling of the very familiar origins of the Man of Steel so far sores.

Uncanny X-Men #515 – With the world’s mutants living on Utopia, the X-Men must now manage an island nation and all the troubles that brings along with keeping a species alive.  It doesn’t help that Magneto has decided to return.

Giant Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan – The final chapter in Mark Millar’s homage to the western genre.  Logan gets his revenge on the Hulk Gang as Wolverine makes his return and proves he’s still the best at what he does.

Graphic Novels

Resurrection: the Insurgent Edition – We covered the news that former President Bill Clinton would be joining the cast of Marc Guggenheim’s series following a post-alien invasion world.  But, before jumping into the latest series I thought I’d go back and check out the first six issues of the series.