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A solid week of books.

Monthly Comics

Batman and Robin #4 – The Red Hood and Scarlett take on Gotham’s criminal element.

Blackest Night #3 – The Indigo Tribe enters the picture as we learn for the first time what can defeat the Black Lanterns.  And as I expected white light will be the ultimate answer, but will we see a White Lantern?  Who will make the ultimate sacrifice this time?

Captain America: Reborn #3 – Death and life are explored as Steve Rogers continues his trip through time and in the present the attempt to save him continues.

Dark Avengers #9 – Ares decides t have a chat with Fury about his son as Osborn is trapped in a box and a shocking turn of events for the Sentry.

Dark Reign: The List – Daredevil – As Daredevil takes over as the leadership for the Hand, Osborn sends H.AM.M.E.R. and Bullseye to flush them out.

Ex Machina #45 – Much of the issue takes on the hot topic issue of choice and abortion with an eye towards a greater plot line.

Fables #88 – Frau Totenkinder prepares for battle and Beauty and the Beast receive surprising news.

the Invincible Iron Man #18 – Tony Stark heads to Afghanistan to get his original suit as Maria Hill and the Black Widow deal with being captured by H.AM.M.E.R. and Osborn, with an awesome twist.

the Mighty Avengers #29 – The Young Avengers and Ronin take on the Scarlet Witch while the battle continues in China.

Punisher #9 – The Punisher continues to take on the Hood’s c-list team as we learn about Henry’s parentage.

Thor Annual #1 – Seth takes on Thor in an ok story.  It doesn’t hold up to the regular series.

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 – I’ve never been the biggest Moon Knight fan.  He always came off as a Batman knock-off, with not enough difference.  I always felt he should of been played off as Batman with real psychosis, and it seems I missed that switch.  This issue surprised me in it’s quality and is getting me to seek out the past few series.

the Walking Dead #65 – The hunters become the hunted with an ending that all I can describe as is beefy and manly.

Dark Wolverine #78 – We’ve seen Daken isn’t much of a team player and Osborn moves to fix his Wolverine’s image problem.

X-Factor #48 – It’s Cortex versus X-Factor as Jamie delivers Doom to Atlantic City.

X-Men Legacy Annual #1 – Two stories setting up future story lines.  Emplate comes looking for a meal and Gambit deals with the Omega Weapon as his past comes to haunt him.