Dirk Wood Appointed As Director Of Communications For Dark Horse




SEPTEMBER 14, MILWAUKIE, OR—It was announced today that Dirk Wood will now serve as the new director of communications for Dark Horse Comics. In his new role, Wood will continue to coordinate all trade-show efforts for Dark Horse, as well as key presentations that the company makes externally. He will continue to serve as the primary contact for all direct-market retailers, as well as helping to oversee programs through Diamond, including, but not limited to, Final Order Cutoff and Free Comic Book Day. While maintaining these previous responsibilities, as well as taking on new challenges, Wood will continue to play a key role in establishing and maintaining the company’s image and message.

Dirk Wood has served the company for over fifteen years, with roots in the direct market through Dark Horse’s sister company, Things From Another World. Eight years ago, Wood moved over to Dark Horse’s in-house sales team and successfully opened many of the company’s larger accounts in the gift and specialty market. He then moved to coordinating all of the company’s trade shows in 2003, and has helped to increase the company’s visibility throughout the industry. After moving to the director level four years ago, Wood helped to redefine the company’s image in the direct market, while assisting the outreach to all new markets and platforms. In his time at Dark Horse, Wood has proven himself to be one of the most versatile faces in the company and an asset to the company’s continuing growth in all areas.

“In a market that keeps changing, it remains a source of pride that I work for and represent one of the constants, Dark Horse Comics,” says Wood. “I look forward to these new challenges, and to continue working to further cement and grow our status as the largest independent comic-book publisher in the world.”

Please join us in congratulating Dirk for his past accomplishments and wishing him well in his future endeavors.