Weekly Purchases

A week pretty much focused on comics from Marvel with a few being of the “X” type.

Monthly Comics

Blackest Night: Superman #1 – The Blackest Night comes to Smallville and Clark and Conner need to deal with Kal-L.

Dark Reign: The Hood #4 – In what easily could of been a throw away series and easy way to make a buck, turns out to be a quite essential read for the overall Dark Reign story line.  The Hood continues to explore his options and move forward in his personal life and his alter-ego.

Dark Reign: Mr. Negative #3 – This Dark Reign three issue limited series comes to a close as a deal is struck.  I hope the ending of this series plays out further in the bigger  Dark Reign story and hopefully it doesn’t turn out that this limited series doesn’t have lasting ramifications.

Ex Machina #44 – The series hurtles towards it’s conclusion as we start to learn more about what gave Mayor Hundred his powers and the white box.

the Mighty Avengers #28 – The Young Avengers step in to take on the Scarlet Witch.

Punisher #8 – One of my favorite books to come out of Dark Reign, the Punisher takes on, the Avengers!?  The Hood continues to do his best to kill Frank Castle.

Wolverine: Weapon X #4 – Wolverine keeps taking on Blackgaurd (*cough* Blackwater *cough*).  The issue also starts with the best firing ever.

X-Factor #47 – As usual, one of the best “X” books out there.  The writer always asks to not put any spoilers and I’ll agree to that.  I have to say, you should be reading this series.

X-Men: Forever #5 – A lot of folks aren’t the biggest fans of this series.  A throwback to the 90’s every issue feels like it’s from an era’s past.  I’m enjoying it as it’s giving Chris Claremont the ability to shake the X-cannon is this alternate take on the comic.

X-Men: Legacy #227 – Rogue, Gambit, and Danger take on Ms. Marvel and help out Trance.  Not a whole lot occurs, but a lot of setting the ground for what I think the future direction of this series will be.

Graphic Novels

Filthy Rich – I can’t help think this is DC’s response to Marvel’s move into the noir genre.  Written by Brian Azzarello and art by Victor Santos this beautifully packaged  “graphic mystery” is published by DC’s Vertigo line.  An eye catching package and what I am sure will be an excellent story.  Perfect for those remaining summer days by the pool or beach.

Irredeemable – Mark Waid brilliantly sold the latest issue of this comic two weeks ago for 99 cents.  I enjoyed that issue enough to pick up this collection of the first four issues.  Instead of getting $0, this brilliant marketing so far has sucked $10.98 out of my wallet.  The series is another look of a former hero turned villain.