Weekly Purchases

This week sees some new issues from Blackest Night as well as of the usual pleasures for the month.

Monthly Comics

Blackest Night #2 – More folks rise from the graves as Aqualad and Merra take on Aquaman and the Flash and Green Lantern take on Martian Manhunter.  The series has a nice “horror film” vibe to it.  I’m sure if I knew more about the DC history I’d appreciate it even more.  But with little I do know, it’s fun so far.

Blackest Night: Batman #1 – We learn a little more about the dead rising as Deadman seeks out the new Batman and Robin to figure out how to deal with this new menace that’s rising across the galaxy.

Cable #17 – Cable finds Hope as we learn more about the two surviving societies.

Deadpool #13 – You’d think that Deadpool as a pirate would be cool, but sadly it isn’t.  It’s almost like the entire tone of the series has shifted to wacky like that “other” Deadpool title that is no longer being read by me.

DMZ #44 – In this simple three issue arc Brian Wood reflects on what’s occurring in the real world every day.  It’s a simple story about the indoctrination and brainwashing of innocent people, shocked by violence, and forced to commit horrible acts.  Few comic books get me to drop my jaw at the end and much like the ending to the movie Day, Night, Day, Night, this issue did just that.

Fables #87 – The Fables organize on the farm and figure out the plan to take on the Dark Man.

Green Lantern Corps. #39 – The Black Lantern rings reach Oa and the dead Lanterns shall rise.

the Marvels Project #1 – Ed Brubaker looks at the beginning of the modern Marvel Universe.  An interesting series so far but I’ll admit I’m a little confused if this is canon or like Marvels.

Uncanny X-Men #514 – Cyclops’ plan begins to unfold as the real X-Men look to go on the offensive.

the Unwritten #4 – An interesting series that much like Fables looks at story telling itself, but in this case it’s focus is modern story telling and it’s evolution from what has proceeded it.  While I’m enjoying it, I’m sure a person really into literature would appreciate it even more.

the Walking Dead #64 – In a world flipped upside down are zombies the worst thing out there?  Robert Kirkman explores that in part 3 of the 5 part “Fear the Hunters” arc.  This issue also includes a flip version of Vikings #1.  With the announcement this week that this comic might be turned into an AMC television series, you should just start reading now to catch up and be one of the cool kids, who knew about it before it hit mainstream.