Weekly Purchases

A light week of books, but some good ones.

Monthly Comics

Avengers: The Initiative #26 – Month after month this series rarely, if ever, disappoints.  With the Hood and Osborn now in charge you can only imagine the crazies that are now making up this band of “heroes”.  Great new direction, and doesn’t miss a beat from what was laid out before.

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps. #2 – Tales of members of the Red, Violet and Orange Lanterns.  The best part is at the end Ethan Van Sciver discusses the symbols for the Corps. and how they came to be and what they stand for.  That’s worth the issue alone.

Captain Britain and MI13 #15 – And that’s the end of that series.  It’s a shame it never got quite the audience it deserved.  A decent final issue with some great appearances by some of the more obscure Marvel UK characters.

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #4 – This limited series has been entertaining so far as Deadpool takes on Tombstone.  Again, though, I have to ask why this is a limited series and couldn’t of been an arc in one of the regular series?  The reason – Ryan Reynolds spin off movie.

Green Lantern #44 – J’onn J’onzz is back and he’s got a Black Lantern ring.  The Green Lantern and Flash must deal with this latest threat.  Can willpower and hope survive against death?

Guardians of the Galaxy #16 – The secret of Star Hawk is revealed as some of the Guardians get to meet the Guardians of the future.

Immortal Weapons #1: Fat Cobra – I need to catch up on Iron Fist, again I suck, I know.

Dark Wolverine #76 – Daken visits the Fantastic Four, but is he on the level or is this part of his elaborate game?

Wizard of Oz #8 – This marks the end of the limited series.  I’m planning on reading the entire series in one sitting.  My review will come after that.

X-Force #17 – The team gets back from their time travel adventure to deal with the present day situations they left.