Weekly Purchases

A fairly light week of books, but a solid one.

Monthly Comics

Agents of Atlas #7 – The team continues their underwater vacation with Namor.  This isn’t necessarily a bad book, I’m just not drawn into it.  I think this’ll be my last issue, dropped!

Astonishing Tales #6 – Again, three out of four stories are fantastic, the fourth is ok.  The Wolverine & Punisher as well as Iron Man 2020 wrap up their stories.  Hopefully this is the last of the Mojoworld arc too, it’s been the weak point.  A great short story is of second (or third or possibly fourth) tier hero Sabra.  The story looks at the mandatory service Israeli’s must endure and the choices they make.

Batman and Robin #2 – I haven’t been a fan of Grant Morrison’s work but I’m enjoying this series chronicling the new dynamic duo. A petulant brat of a Robin and a Batman full of doubt in filling the shoes of his mentor.

Cable #16 – Hope is separated from Cable as the techno-virus begins to take over his body.

Captain America: Reborn #1 – What was a symbol of America’s corruption and moral decay is undone as we learn Captain America may not be really dead.  It was hinted at that there were issues with the body presented, but now we learn the true fate of Steve Rogers.  In just this issue the impact of such a poignant moment is lessened as yet another “dead” super hero really isn’t.  And as a whole this issue just doesn’t hold up up to Brubaker’s usually high standard.  And why is this a mini-series?  Shouldn’t this be a part of the regular series?

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #1 – The regular Deadpool series is fantastic, this is just plain horrible.  Why is this needed other than trying to make some cash of the awesomeness that is Ryan Reynolds!?  Fail Marvel, Fail.

Destroyer #4 – We know Kirkman can write violence.  With one more issue to go, we’ll see how this limited series filled with the good ole ultra-violence ends.

Fantastic Four #568 – I’ve been intrigued by the villain Millar has been leading up to.  I’ll follow this series until this arc ends and then I’m done I think.  How this ties into the rest of the Marvel Universe canon right now leaves my head scratching.  A similar issue that plagues last week’s New Avengers.

Green Lantern Corps. #38 – I need to read through the issues I’ve missed as Blackest Night is almost here.

the Invincible Iron Man #15 – Pepper and Tony hang out in Russia.  Oh yeah, Madame Masque is there too.  Hill seeks out the Black Widow to deliver her package to Captain America.

Secret Six #11 – The teams latest job is laid out for them and doesn’t sit well with some.  Lines are drawn in the sand for one of the most fun and dysfunctional teams out there.

Uncanny X-Men #513 – The Dark X-Men are introduced as Osborn’s law and order comes down on San Francisco.

War of Kings #5 – We learn Black Bolt’s final plan as their last hope dies on the Shi’ar home planet.  DnA bring continue to reflect on our current political climate and ask “how far will you go to create peace?” and “what right’s do outside forces have in guiding another people’s future?”