Weekly Purchases

Here’s two weeks worth of books (I just didn’t get a chance to cover last weeks books even though they were bought and sitting there).  Reviews will be updated throughout the week.

Monthly Comics

Cable #15 – The team battles Stryfe in what is one giant battle issue all leading to the final issue of this crossover.  A nice surprise too of an X-related character who’s not quite crossed over into the greater universe.

Captain America #600 – A decent tribute and what I’d expect from a tribute comic.  It doesn’t quite feel spectacular enough to be #600 though.  A good read though and one of the more entertaining parts is a look at all the covers to grace a Captain America comic book.

Captain Britain and MI13 #14 – It’s a shame this series is being canceled.  An excellent and entertaining book about the heroes of England.  Also, while I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Annual, it does play an important role in this storyline and should be considered issue #13.5.

Dark Reign: Hawkeye #3 – While many of the Dark Reign limited series revolve the depth of the characters and their current status quo, this series has interestingly delved into Bullseye/Hawkeye’s past history in a similar if not so far weaker version of what they’ve done with the crruent Captain America.  A decent read, not great, but not bad.

Dark Reign: Mr. Negative #1 – I didn’t know much about the main character Mr. Negative but I like what I see so far.  This Dark Reign tie in continues the story lines brilliant focus on the lesser known villains of the Marvel Universe.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2 – Young Avengers, meet the Dark Young Avengers.  Now fight!

Deadpool #11 – Deadpool and Hawkeye/Bullseye fight with some meat… yeah I don’t have much of an ending for that rhyme.  Definitely fun series, let’s just hope Deadpool doesn’t get over exposed like his other Weapon X compadre.

Destroyer #3 – Kirkman does violence, the Walking Dead has shown us that.  This series is just pure ultra-violence at it’s best.  A simple idea put into a five part limited series.

DMZ #42 – Brian Wood pulls back from it’s main characters to focus on some of the folks left behind in the DMZ and the memories they struggle with.

Ex Machina #43 – With a plague descending upon NYC, Mayor Hundred must role up his sleeves.

Fables #85 – So far the Great Fables Crossover has been underwhelming.  It seems more like a way to get a bunch of loose plot threads to come together in a story that’s a few issues too long.  Can we please get back to Mr. Dark?

Fantastic Four #567 – Not sure what I think of this issue.  A definite pick up from the last few issues.  We’ll see where it goes, it gets a stay from being removed from the pull list.

Flash: Rebirth #3 – While I’m sure this series is great for die hard fans of the Flash, for those whose knowledge is “he runs fast, died, and is coming back” the series unfortunately doesn’t hold up.  Don’t expect to see it in next months “Weekly Purchases”.  In general this like Final Crisis suffers from much of the issues plagued by a lot of DC comics, it’s just steeped in too much history, and isn’t easy to pick up and read.

Green Lantern Corps. #37 – I need to catch up on this series before Blackest Night hits the stand.

Incognito #4 – Zack deals with his stepping into the limelight.  Not as good as some of Brubaker’s other work, but still entertaining.

the Invincible Iron Man #14 – Tony heads to Russia for some help.

Jack of Fables #35 – A pick up in the Great Fable Crossover with only one more issue to go.  I think this Part 8 and Part 7 could of been combined to increase the pacing and cut down the length.

the Mighty Avengers #26 – I feel like I’m currently going down the rabbit hole with Hank Pym as my guide.  It’s great to see such solid Avengers books all competing to be the best on the market, and it’s hard to tell which it is.

Punisher #6 – The Hood explains the situation to his newly resurrected villains as the Punisher hits another Oscorp facility.  One of the best books to come out of Dark Reign.

Thor #601 – Loki’s plans continue to play out.

The Trial of Thor – Thor is accused of crimes.  I’m really not sure the need for so many one-shots.  Just give us the regular series.

Uncanny X-Men #511 – The X-Men take on the Sisterhood.  I’ve had some issues with the story telling as at times it seems fractured and stilted, but overall a not bad start to Matt Fraction’s run on the series.

the Walking Dead #62 – The Hunters prey upon our band of survivors.

War of Kings: Acension #3 – We learn more about the mysterious Raptors.

War of Kings: the Savage World of Skaar – A Kree and Shi’ar must team up to take on Skaar.  We’ll see if the end leads to anything further, otherwise there was not much point in this crossover.

Wolverine #74 – The ending of the two stories from issue #73.  Why these couldn’t of been completed in an issue instead of being split, I have no clue.  Both are decent enough adding some incite into what makes up the man Logan.

Wonderful Wizard of Oz #7 – I’m waiting for issue #8 and then reading this series straight through.  I’ve heard wonderful things (and probably should of waited for the trade paperback).

X-Factor #44 – As usual a top notch series and a must read from any company.  I won’t spoil it as per the writer’s wishes but this is a monthly must read.

X-Men: Legacy #225 – The end of Xavier’s journey leads him back to where it started with a major shift in the status quo and where alliances lie.