Weekly Purchases

A fairly light week in books but usually some of the best of the month.

Monthly Comics

Avengers: The Initiative #24 – The Shadow Initiative’s mission comes to an end as Camp Hammond is shut down.

Dark Reign: Elektra #3 – The Dark Reign spin offs have been hit or miss, and I’d rate this series in the better half of books.  Some good action, with a good mystery.  Lets hope it finishes off strong.

Dark Reign: The Hood #1 – To me, the Hood has risen as a classic villain who could possibly stand the test of time.  His rise in the Marvel Dark Reign world has been entertaining to the point you’re often routing for him.  This limited series focuses squarely on him bringing him front and center.

Green Lantern #41 – Jordan deals with the Orange Lantern as we learn the deal that was struck.

Guardians of the Galaxy #14 – Each team tries to negotiate with each sides of the conflict.  Things don’t go well for either.

the Immortal Iron Fist #26 – Still playing catch up, I know I suck.  But I’ve heard good things!

The Literals #2 – The Great Fable Crossover has been up and down over the past issues, but I count this part 6 part of the upside.  A mix of great concepts, action, and humor, this issue is a plus in what’s been a rather bland crossover.

the New Avengers #53 – The Eye of Agamatto heads to New Orleans and may have found the next Sorcerer Supreme.

Unknown Soldier #8 – Moses continues his war while his wife must make a decision.

Wolverine #72 – The future glimpse continues as we see the final moments between the Red Skull and a certain Captain America, while Logan’s cross country trip continues.

X-Force #15 – X-Force and Cable take on Stryfe while Deadpool drops some interesting nuggets about history.  Archangel must decide Apocalypses’ fate.  A decent arc so far.

X-Men: Legacy #224 – Professor X, Danger, Rogue and Gambit continue to hang out in the Outback.