Weekly Purchases

It was a somewhat light week so I decided to play catch up with a series I’ve been getting into.  As usual, reviews will be posted throughout the week.

Monthly Comics

Agents of Atlas #5 – The Agents take on the New Avengers as their plan to take on Osborn continues.

Captain America #50 – A look back at the role Bucky has served in the past as well as the shoes he must fill.  A nice reflective issue, not quite what I’d expect for a 50th issue.

Ex Machina #42 – Vaughan keeps moving forward in his final year of the series.  I hope he continues on with what he’s hinted at.  I’d love to see a series focusing on Mayor Hundred on the campaign trail to the Presidency.

Fantastic Four #566 – Finally we meet Doom’s masters.  This series has been dragging and this might finally be the pay off I’ve been waiting for.

Female Force: Michelle Obama – Bluewater Comics continues to cash in on the popularity of political figures in comic books.

Green Lantern Corps. #27 – 36 – I’ve been digging Green Lantern and am playing catch up for this summers big event Blackest Night.

Jack of Fables #34 – Not a bad next chapter of the Great Fables Crossover.  Bigby and Snow head to take on Kevin.  While Kevin ponders how to stop his writers block.

Punisher #5 – Something about the Hood makes him a great adversary for the Punisher.  The best thing over these past years for Marvel is their elevating c-listers and admitting that they’re such.  Such a fun series, I highly recommend it.

Skrull Kill Krew #2 – The Krew heads to a rodeo to take on some Skrulls.

Thunderbolts #152 – After the distraction that was Magnum Opus, the Thunderbolts are back on track to recruit a new member.

Uncanny X-Men #510 – The Red Queen and Sisterhood keep on their assault of the X-Men’s headquarters.

Wolverine: Weapon X #2 – Wolverine heads to the jungles and takes on his equals.

Graphic Novels

Green Lantern Corps.: Ring Quest – I’m catching up on my Green Lantern Corps. in preparation of this summer’s Blackest Night.