Weekly Purchases

An interesting week with some good books.  Reviews will be posted throughout the week.

Monthly Comics

Agents of Atlas #3 – I’m up in the air of this series.  I’m new to the characters and haven’t found a connection quite yet.  We’ll give it a few more issues.

Astonishing Tales #3 – As usual an entertaining series, nothing too crazy or deep, but a fun read of four different stories.  The Spider-woman story came off as sort of adult thought which was rather unexpected.

Black Panther #3 – Three issues in and who the next Black Panther still plays out as Storm tries to save her husband.  Again, giving this series a few more issues.

Cable #13 – The Messiah War is here as Cable, Hope, and X-Force bump into Deadpool.

Captain America Comics #1 – Marvel celebrates it’s 70th Anniversary by looking at the golden age of it’s super heros.

Deadpool #9 – Much better than the Thunderbolts issue of this cross over.  The humorous tone was much more appropriate for Deadpool where it seems the wrong tone for Thunderbolts.

Destroyer #1 – Robert Kirkman writes a super hero who must make the world safe for his family before he dies.  Uber-violence.

the Flash: Rebirth #1 – Geoff Johns has done wonderful things rebooting many DC icons, and the Flash is his latest task.  I’ve never been a huge Flash fan, but so far so good.

The Invincible Iron Man #12 – Pepper Potts rocks out in the suit as Tony fights Namor.

the New Avengers: Reunion #2 – Waiting for this to become “the Mr. & Mrs. Smith” of the Marvel Universe.  Maybe next issue.

Secret Warriors #3 – Fury sends the team out to kick some ass.

War of Kings #2 – Marvel’s galactic crossover is good so far as the Kree plan on counter attacking the Shi’ar and Crystal steps up in her new role.